Black Tornado studio equipment


Neve BCM10 10/2 with 1073 channel amplifiers

Neve Melbourne 12/2 with 33115 channel amplifiers

SSL 4000 E/G 48 channels

Multitrack recorders

Alesis ADAT8 track VHS digital tape machine

Sony DASH 24 track 1/2 inch Digital Audio Stationary Head tape machine

Studer A800 16 track 2 inch analog tape machine

Studer A80VU 8 track 1 inch analog tape machine

Studer A820MCH 24 track 2 inch analog tape machine

ask for other formats if needed

2-track recorders

HHB CDR-830 CD-recorder

Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT

Studer 820 2 track, 1/2 inch analog tape recorder (all speeds)

Studer A710 cassette tape recorder

Studer A80 RC ¼" analog recorder (7½/15 ips.)

ask for other formats if needed

Digital Audio Workstations

Digidesign 192 i/o (4)

Digidesign ProTools HDX with 48 inputs / 48 outputs

Digidesign Sync + MIDI

LaCie firewire drives

ask for other formats if needed

Mic pre's

3-1947 FET custom built broadcast pre from 1963 (8)

Elberg MP8 (8 channels)

Neumann PV76 (4)

Rostec LMA-4 Dual (1)

Siemens/TAB/Telefunken/Maihak V72 (4)


Altec 1591A Compressor Amplifier

Amek System 9098

DBX 160 Compressor/Limiter (3)

DBX 263X De-Esser (2)

EMT 156 Mastering Compressor/Limiter

EMT 260 Filter Limiter (2)

Fairchild 661TL (2)

Fairchild 670

Joe Meek Stereo Compressor

Manley Electro-optical Leveling Amplifier

Manley Stereo Variable-MU Limiter Compressor

Neve 32264

Neve 33609 compressor/limiter

Neve/BBC am7/16 Compressor/Limiter (2)

NTP 179-120 Compressor/Limiter (4)

Urei 1176 LN

Urei LA-4 (2)

Speakers/monitors & amps

Auratones, Danfield EX4 amp

Dynaudio BM15A

Genelec 1031A active monitors *

JBL 4457 main monitors

Yamaha NS-10, Accuphase D600 amp

not all available at once - please specify before session


AKG 240 headphones (10)

Beyer dynamics DT150 (3)

Danfield headphone amplifier

Formula Sound 10 way personal monitoring system (8)


AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb (2) all with remote

EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb (3) one with remote

EMT 240 Gold Foil Reverb (3) all with remote

M5000 fully loaded

MD-2 Mastering Option

Quantec QRC Digital Reverb

Echo & delay

Eventide Harmonizer H 949

Eventide HD 3000

Eventide Instant Flanger FL 201

Korg SDD 1000

Lexicon 122-S

Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Tape) (2)

Roland RE-501 Space Echo (Tape)

Roland SDE-1000


Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton Valve EQ (2)

Fairman TM EQ

Klangfilm EQ (2)

Klein+Hummel UE-100 Valve Mastering EQ (2)

Neumann OEV EQ (2)

Neumann W495 (2)

Neve 1073 (10 in BCM10 Console)

Neve 33115 (12 in Melbourne Console)

Siemens Valve EQ (2)

Tube Tech Program PE 1C valve EQ


Adams Smith Zeta3

Apogee Big Ben

Digidesign Sync + USD

Giese Lock


Musical instruments

Dan Armstrong solid body guitar

Fender Telecaster USA 1989

Gibson Sonex 1979 *

Hammond M100 organ with Leslie 122 cabinet

Hammond P100 organ w/ Leslie 716 *

Harmony Meteor hollow body guitar

Hornung & Moeller grand piano

Korg M1 keyboard

Korg PolySix

Korg Trident synthesizer

Otwin super hollow body guitar *

Roland SH-09

Vantage bass

Vox Teardrop 1966

Yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar

Instrument amp's, pedals and speakers

Ampeg Bass SVR II Classic with 8 x 12" drivers *

Boogie V-Twin overdrive pedal

Cry Baby wah wah

Dynacord Reference 1000 combo valve amp

James B. Lansing cab. w/ 15" Jensen

Park 50 amp

Park Bass speaker Leslie model 16 *

TC-Electronic distortion/line-driver

Teisco Checkmate combo amp

Vox AC15

Vox AC50 top

Vox wah wah

Mobile recording

32 track mobile Pro Tools recording rig w/ Mackie Onyx pre-amps *


Yes we do that too


Access to outdoor tennis court *

* = available on request.
Please inquire/book in advance. May be charged separately.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.